My first solo album, "In the Absence of Color" is now available for download!

Listen to and download album here

The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and a bunch of other sites soon.  I will have links on my website to all the major music download and streaming sites soon.  I am offering a free download of "When All the Saints Are Gone".  All other songs are $0.99 and the full album is $3.99.  I will be giving away free downloads to a few of you that have expressed interest but do not have the means to pay for the album (i.e. credit card or paypal account).  If you fit in to this category and are interesting in downloading any or all of the songs please let me know.

I would love to hear any comments on the music or whatever so please feel free to send them my way.



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  • tyler hunter
    tyler hunter you know
    I love you John only wish good things for you

    I love you John only wish good things for you

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