Album Release - April 29, 2016

Finally, after what feels like 2 and a half million hours of work my new album, "In the Absence of Color" will be released on April 29, 2016.  The album will be available for streaming and download on my website…Read more

6 Song EP Album Release

I will be releasing the first of two 6 song EP albums (under 25 minutes) in a few weeks.  Mastering on all the songs is going well but is taking longer than expected.  I am very picky with my music…Read more


mastering is the last step in the process of recording a song.  I mastered all my songs myself but there are people that do nothing but mastering with more expensive and much better gear and tools that I have available…Read more

3rd Song Release

Hello John Tar Fans, 

Here is my third release from my album "In the Absence of Color".  Please click on the link below to the track.  You may also download this song and my first two releases for free here…

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Release of my Second Song! 

I have released my second song, "When All the Saints Are Gone" on my website for this week only. Please follow the link or click on the music tab above to hear this song and my first release, "The Unlived…

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First Release!

"The Unlived Life" is the first release on the album, "In the Absence of Color."  Go to the music page to checkout the song and the lyrics.  Also, don't forget to sign-up for the mailing list to keep up with…Read more